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Why Some Choose Apartment Living

Many people are choosing apartment living or smaller condos over single home dwelling for a variety of reasons. With the high cost of owning a home, not to mention the amount of upkeep involved, a growing number are enjoying the many benefits that come with the “apartment size” lifestyle. Generally speaking: no more lawns to mow, snow removal, landscaping, and in many cases any major repairs, maintenance, security, etc….

However, the most common concern with apartment living:

Lack Of Space

​Apartment Size Living is here to provide you with a little background knowledge and reviews of apartment size appliances in order for you to maximize your living space.

    • Apartment size fridges
    • Portable dishwashers
    • Compact washer and dryers
    • Mini freezers

There are product descriptions, video tutorials, energy ratings, buyer reviews, and more. We hope this information will aid you in making an educated decision before you buy.

Apartment Size Fridges

Your specific needs and allowable kitchen space are two main factors to consider when choosing the right size apartment fridge. If you do not have space for a full-size fridge, perhaps a mid-size fridge would be the answer. Still too large? There is a variety of compact fridges available including mini bar fridges, even countertop refrigerators. We have chosen a few from the many and share their many features.

Apartment Size Dishwashers

Easy storage and load size are important considerations when choosing a portable dishwasher.If you can afford to give up cupboard space, you may want to consider an under the counter model.

Apartment Size Washers and Dryers

Choosing apartment size washers and dryers to best suit your needs will depend on things like size, washing demands, water/power consumption, basic features like spin cycle, whether or not ventless dryer is necessary, running time, choosing low tech or high tech.