Apartment Size Washers and Dryers

Choosing a Portable Washer & Dryer

washer and dryer combo

When choosing apartment size washers and dryers, consider things like size, washing demands, water/power consumption, basic features like spin cycle, whether or not ventless dryer is necessary, running time, choosing low tech or high tech.

Advantages of Portable/Apartment Size Washer and Dryers:


  • Convenient space saver for small apartments, dorms, shared accommodations, or travel.


  • Time saving is a big plus. Especially when you compare your time spent at the laundry mat.


  • Low voltage requirement allows for a convenient plugin to standard outlets.


  • Eco-friendly considering if your washing needs are lighter, requiring less water, electricity etc..


  • Economical give up coin machines for a one-time investment.


Features of Portable Washers



Considerations Before Purchasing:

>What Size Fits Best? Decide on the amount of room you have for storage and choose what best fits your personal living space. Perhaps an all in one machine would be better.

>Know Your Washing Demands Choosing the proper machine will greatly depend on the amount of clothes you wash per week. Are you single, have a roommate, or raising a family? 

>Required Features Depending on whether you are looking for a very basic model requiring manual ringing/spinning or automatic. Don’t assume all compact washers or dryers meet the exact requirements of a full-size machine.

>Energy Consumption Knowing how much water usage, voltage requirements, battery life in some cases, will help you to narrow down what your dwelling will accommodate.

>Proper Ventilation Particularly with dryers. Does your apartment have a dryer exhaust pipe or do you require a ventless dryer?

Top Brand Names To Consider

There is a variety of makes and models, all offering many features and benefits, based on your requirements and budget. Here are a few of the most popular manufacturers.



Founded in 1984, Haier has been ranked first among the brands of white goods all over the world. Haier continues its commitment to providing high quality, long lasting appliances such as  washer/dryers, air conditioners, washing machines, and other electrical appliances. Boasting production of over 200 products, it is clear Haier leads the way in perfecting and improving on modern living through advancing its technology to meet and exceed the expectations of all who daily depend on such products.



Haier HLP24E





Panda has a nice selection of mini washers and dryers, ranging from portable washers with a 5.5 lb capacity to 15.6lb capacity. All Panda portable washers and dryers are specifically designed to meet the laundry needs of those who live in small apartments, dorms, or shared accommodation. All while saving energy, money, easily and conveniently stored. Their products are perfect for any who cannot afford space for a full-size washer or dryer, yet need a dependable, quality wash for their clothing.