Which Apartment Size Refrigerator Is Best For You?

Fridge Styles





Which apartment size refrigerator will you need? Locating a small refrigerator, while at the same time meeting your storage needs is a matter of finding the right balance. There are generally 2 types to choose from:

 1) Midsize refrigerators

 2) Compact refrigerators

  Dimensions and Weight

cube2Exterior dimensions in inches run from 19 x 18 x 17 up to 24 x 24 x 58. Volumes from 1.1 cu.ft (31L) all the way up to 18 cu.ft (510L). They will range in weight from 50 pounds (22.7 kg) up to around 200 pounds (90kg). Major brand names to watch for are Avanti, Danby, Haier, and EdgeStar, and Summit.


Power consumption and efficiency

NRGAnother important feature to watch for is the Energy Star rating. ENERGY STAR products are tested, approved, and certified proven to conserve energy without giving up benefits or performance. Conserving power helps in avoiding waste. Check out the ENERGY STAR content label to cut costs to your electricity bills together with helping to preserve the environment.


Shipping and Warranty


When you order through Amazon, free shipping is included on many makes and models, regardless of weight and dimensions. There are also very reasonable warranty upgrades that for the price that can provide many years of worry free maintenance and repairs.



Personalized Apartment Fridge

Enjoy the benefits of a full-size fridge without having to sacrifice space, tailor-made for apartment living. Good news, there are some really great options to choose from, depending on your specific storage needs.

In some cases, we only need a fridge to keep a few basic items cool. On the other hand, we may need a fridge to store necessary perishable items, but do not have space for a full-size fridge or freezer. In both cases, a compact fridge should accommodate you. Decide what you think you are going to need based on your personal requirements and begin viewing the various sizes, models, and styles. See our small appliance directory for details.

Hint: Know your maximum available space ahead of time.

Fridge Types:



Midsize Apartment Fridges
These particular models range in dimensions starting from 2.7 (76.5L) to 18 cubic feet (510L). A number contain a separate freezer section that could be particularly great for dorm rooms, trailers, condos, and apartments.

A few important details to keep in mind when looking for a good model would be spill-proof shelves, great lighting, generous sized door bins, a frost free system, a decent vegetable crisper, a reversible door, and at least a  1 year warranty or better.



> 3 kinds of style to choose from the most common options for design colors consist of stainless steel, black, and white.

> Mid-size fridges tend to be quite basic in terms of added options like french doors, therefore it tends to be trickier to obtain super stylish units such as you might uncover in a larger size dwelling.

> One plus is that they have a separate freezer compartment which helps maintain a consistent temperature. Prices will vary from $400 to $1200 depending on the model and upgrades.





Compact Refrigerators

The next size down will be compact refrigerators. They will range in size from 1.1 cu.ft (31L) up to 5.5 cu.ft (156L). Weighing 42 pounds (19kg) to around 60 pounds (27kg). Dimensions run from 19 1/2″ (49cm) H x 18 1/2″ (47cm) W x 17 3/4″ (45cm) D.




> Variations of models that are either just a fridge, a freezer, a fridge or freezer, or a combination of each.

> Prices will start around a $100  If you are looking for luxury, durability, and all the bells and whistles, you’ll spend near $2500 for an upscale model.

> Ideal for small apartments, lunch rooms, dorms, kitchenettes, camping, and much more


Fridge Brands & Models


Danby is amongst the most well-known domestic home appliance merchandising suppliers in North America, having a remarkable array of small-scale, customized for smaller residential type appliances to accommodate the daily routines of modern day users.They are a Canadian company that emerged as a producer of compact electrical appliances along with small-scale fridges, committing themselves to delivering outstanding value and benefits. Danby has a solid 60-year record of offering high-quality home appliances to 1000s of happy and satisfied customers.





Danby  DAR1102WE




















Devoted to flexibility, usefulness together with European design, EdgeStar provides simple solutions for the fast-paced realm of life-on-the-go. Their devices focus on virtually anyone attempting to find compact or space-saving apartment specific appliances that include the highest level of performance with regard to nominal living space. EdgeStar establishes the rules pertaining to supplying distinctive and cost-effective solutions through an unparalleled consumer experience and repair following the purchase.

EdgeStar is definitely a leader in the industry of small-scale home appliance industry, establishing compact and mobile appliances made for today’s active life-style. Each time you decide to purchase an EdgeStar unit, you will be certain to receive a top quality, a revolutionary product you can have confidence in.













Summit is a leading manufacturing and supplier of medical, professional, and domestic fridges and freezers of many sizes. They pride themselves with having the industries largest collection built in under counter models. Having ADA compliance, meaning their products are government approved easily accessible to the disabled. Summit continues to lead the way by bringing new innovation to specialty appliances.





Summit FF882SLV







Summit FF1525PLIM





Summit CT66B