Panda Small Washing Machine

panda small washing machine



Affordable and easily stored, the Panda XPB45 small washing machine gets your clothes clean in a short time with very little detergent. The spin dryer feature saves on manual wringing and drying time. It’s 10 lb capacity will roughly wash three pairs of jeans, a couple of shorts, 4 t-shirts, and a few pairs of socks and underwear for each load.


Features Of The Panda Small Washer:

> Ideal for small apartments, condos, dorms, shared accommodation, camping

> Standard power outlet required

> Washing capacity of 9.9 lbs

> Spinner Dryer option to cut back on wringing by hand

> Economical as it uses very little detergent or water

> Efficient and quick run time – no long waits

*Hint:  Even with spin cycle option, it may require effort between washing/spinning cycles


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Products Specifications

See the product details below including dimensions, load capacity, power requirements, water temperature, spinner speed, and more:

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